• Andrea Harrison


Sometimes it takes a crisis, like a pandemic, before we decide it's a good time to reflect on aspects of our life. Maybe we've discovered that we need a change, a renewal in our daily routine to rejuvenate whatever has become stale, mundane, dispassionate, and even purposeless. Perhaps we need a new plan, a bolder goal to get where we want to go. Where do you want to go? Life is certainly a journey in which we cannot stop. When you hit a fork in the road that is a sign there needs to be a change. You need to figure out where you're headed, though, before you go any further.

Think about where you've been. Look at the path that you've traversed and reflect on what you've learned, good or bad. Then do some serious housecleaning and throw out what you no longer need in your life; discard of what no longer serves you. Hold onto

the things that work and find a better way to do those things that bring you a greater sense of success and satisfaction.

Once you've completed your housekeeping it's time to tell your story; to show the world where you've been and where you're going. It is within that process that you can help others with their journeys while working on your own path to the sea of possibilities. Whether it is a re-invention or self-discover, business venture or personal achievement, you know you have to move forward with a clean slate.

Be a teacher by empowering others with your story and you'll be as rich as a king. Be a leader to others by helping them find a voice to tell their story so that they, in turn, can empower others.

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