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The Client's Role in Working with a Content Writer

Let's say you decided to hire a Content Writer for your digital marketing needs. It is a good decision if you realize you don't have the time to devote to writing yourself or perhaps, it's not your forte. A professional Content Writer has the skill to translate your message, as long as you, the client, know the nature of your message and can clearly communicate your intention to the writer. That is where the role of the client comes into play. Before the writer can do their word magic, the client must be prepared with a plan of action. This plan will govern the direction that the writer must take to transcribe your message. In essence, this is your marketing plan that the Content specialist will draw from. The marketing plan encompasses the why, who, what, when, where, and how you are going to communicate your message to attract your audience. The following data that you will need to complete your marketing plan are:

THE WHY: You must start with a goal for reaching your audience. What do you want to accomplish? Do you want traffic to your website, engagement on social media, branding awareness through education or conversion through product promotion?

THE WHO: What kind of people are you appealing to and can benefit from your products and services? Demographics of your audience: age, sex, socioeconomic status, education, spending habits, interests, industry, etc.

THE WHAT: What is the topic you are conveying? It could be an event announcement, product description, discount promotion, industry news or education on your brand.

THE WHEN: Do you have a timeline in mind to share your posts, blasts, etc. so

that you stay in front of and top of mind with your ideal clients? THE WHERE: Determine the best platform for which to relay your message. It could be on your website, a social media channel, U-tube, blogging forum, or an email. If you are looking to educate with facts, tips or news, then your website page, a blog or email marketing is the best venue. For video, infographics, podcasts and event announcements, social media is a better avenue. THE HOW: Choose a format for your message such as a compelling email, an engaging blog, an appealing Facebook ad or informative newsletter.

Once you have determined all these components that will define your marketing plan, you will have completed a large part of your role as Content Marketing client. However, your role as the client is not complete until you have evaluated the finished content for accuracy and appeal before publication. Always request revisions from the writer as needed to ascertain your message is translated as per your wishes. Consequently, it is only you, the client who can approve the final draft. The success of working with a content writer, besides finding the right professional who can effectively communicate your story, is to make sure you understand your role as a client and that is to make sure you have a marketing plan. If you don't, consult with a content specialist who can help you with your campaign goals, so that they can create and bring your desired message to the right people.

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