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Before You Post....

The Thinker

Those of you who like to post on Facebook about some of the following topics that are dear to you, like health, environment, family, female empowerment, education, economics, patriotism, friendship and the like, please consider that these could go away in a heart beat if we don't take action against the atrocities that are being committed against our country and democracy. The first step is to recognize the issues of our day by being part of, or better still, initiating a meaningful dialogue. If you post about nature and wellness, think about the threat of global warming and people having their health care stripped away. Do you have something burning to say? If you post about family, think about those migrant families being torn apart at the Mexican border by ICE; children separated from their parents and put in cages. Any opinions about this? If you post about female empowerment, think about the eminent threat to a woman's reproductive freedom should Roe vs. Wade be overturned. What is your input? If you post about education, think about the underpaid teachers and underfunded and crowded schools, not to mention the overwhelming college loan debt incurred by today's college grads who can't find a job. Any thoughts to express?

If you post about money matters, you may think the economy is doing well but that is all a facade. Average families struggle to put food on the table and keep their homes. The trade wars make it that much worse by raising prices on every day items, further denying the middle and lower income populations the basic necessities. Pensions are a thing of the past and if you don't have a retirement account or other valuable assets, you may be screwed if Social Security goes bankrupt. What is your take on this? If you post about patriotism, do think of our veterans, especially those who are homeless, disabled, have PTSD and disenfranchised. Also consider the civilian heroes that go to bat for others every day of their lives such as medical and EMT staff, firefighters, police officers, teachers, social workers, animal care activists, etc. Anything to add? If you post about friendship and anything humanity, this covers the above and much, much more. Think and consider this all, and when you post again, think about what really matters and what's really at stake! You'll find you have an interest in much more than you thought, much more outside yourself. Once that happens, then apathy is replaced with empathy. Empathy then sparks action, and action is good, because it leads to change. Change then leads to healing. It can't hurt to try. In fact, it could be just what the doctor ordered! Let's heal ourselves by changing the way we post. Let's think first and reflect on what is truly pressing and important. Comments about outdated kitchen utensils and other riveting topics such as the ongoing debate concerning which side of the toilet paper roll should be facing you, certainly has its place, but is not earth shattering. Don't know where to start? Try broadening your horizons by reading topics unfamiliar to you and listen carefully to other points of view before reacting. Whatever your interests are and your tendency to post about on social media, do continue, but dare to go beyond the fringes, dare to bridge the gap with others and dare to be the change you want to see in the world, for a better world! Do this.....before you post!

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