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You Are Meant to Do Whatever Your Passion Is! Mine is Writing!

I believe our talents are entwined with our passions. We are meant to do what we love because we are gifted with something that, if we are in touch with it and pursue it, it will give us great spiritual happiness. It is possible to be initially happy with doing something you are good at but I believe that will eventually peter out. I think it becomes a means to an end because there is no incentive to improve and expand your abilities. Consequently boredom ensues and you find yourself sniffing around for the next best pursuit.

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If you haven’t discovered what your passion is, the only way to find out what truly floats your boat is to take a chance on something that you think you may like. How? Try a new hobby, volunteer for a good cause, consult a life coach or take an aptitude test. If after trying something new you discover that it is not your cup of tea, by all means, try something else! That’s the only way to self- discovery. For some people they know what they want right away and for others it takes longer, sometimes most of their lives.That’s okay. Everyone has a different journey to make and who is to say that everyone has to follow the same set of instructions and timeline. Once you find something you are passionate about, that is what you are meant to do and will have a talent for it. The next step would be to amass the skills that are necessary to hone your talent so that you can make your dream of following your passion a reality.

Case in point, I enjoy singing because it uplifts my spirit and I’ve always had a good ear. I do it as a hobby but I’m sure I could do it as a profession if I learn to get better at reading music. I’m also passionate about writing and consider myself good at it but also believe there is much that I can improve on. Consequently, I have made the effort to get the additional training I need and am still looking to learn and grow. In the process I have started my own business. Although I am a good writer, I want to be a great writer, hence, I am always finding avenues to challenge myself to up the ante. It all comes down to being passionate enough about a writing career to do the work that is needed to raise the bar for myself.

You can get good at anything that you have a passion for because it’s already built into your DNA. You just need to apply yourself and you’ll eventually develop the talent that is necessary to thrive in what ever you desire. I’ve boiled it down to a simple formula: Passion + work=talent =happiness.

Follow your passion and the rest will fall in line!

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