• Andrea Harrison

Time is Awastin'...

I’ve recently met a family member for lunch to catch up. We always have the most profound conversations about relationships, love, and family. My Aunt Jane, although not my blood aunt, is more family to me than her ex-husband, my mother’s brother. She speaks about her boyfriend, Tom who has two adult sons; one married with 3 children and the other married and childless. Their excuse for not visiting their father is lack of time due to work hours and family demands. Really??? The man who gave you life, fed you, clothed you, protected you, you don’t have time for??? Everyone on this planet is busy, yet we make time for fun and relaxation. Why shouldn’t we make time for our moms and dads?! No time? Then slot it on your calendar like you do for everything else. Can’t fit them in? Take something off your agenda that you can afford to sacrifice at least once per month. It’s about setting priorities. The problem with society today is we tend to overschedule, especially with our children. We manage to pack in a ton of sports and activities for them but forget to include a visit to extended family. This self-absorption gets carried on to the next generation. Heads up! That’s when our children are adults with their own families, and we become the forgotten! Yes, karma sucks! Time becomes our enemy when we don’t use it wisely. So use it wisely. Reserve some time for the people who gave you life while they still have life! Don’t have time? Make time! It’s awastin’!

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