Customer Reviews

Andrea is a reliable professional who gets the job done. Her writing of press releases and her suggestions for other areas requiring content changes have been right on the mark. Andrea has been able to write great material that has described perfectly the specifics of the assignment and has successfully met our needs.

Cathy Zavorskas, Co-President, Matawan-Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce

Andrea has been helping our business in writing blogs as well as testimonials on our website.  Even though Andrea is not a health care professional, her tireless research into a topic and efforts to make an excellent blog cannot be overstated.  She is very responsible. At one time she drove over 40 minutes to meet and earn our business. I highly recommend Andrea to anyone for her work.

Jerry So, DAc, LAc

Andrea consistently offers her expertise with writing assignments such as blogging and press releases that I frequently require for my marketing campaigns. Through her writing, she never fails to demonstrate impeccable accuracy, efficiency and professionalism. 

Milton Paris, Founder & President, Getting Ahead In Business

In a few words Andrea has summed up what I do, and how I approach my work. I am a professional photographer and don’t want a lot of words getting in the way of the images. I want the words to compliment the word- to enhance. Like they are adding that extra “secret” ingredient to the recipe that makes it come alive.


Andrea provided that secret ingredient.


I can’t recommend Andrea enough. She is professional, organized,  thorough and knows her stuff.

Matt Denton, Photographer,

Be Scene Innovative Images